What subsidies are available for business start-up advice

Entrepreneurs have to deal with many tasks. These include: creating a business plan, planning marketing measures and, if necessary, looking for suitable premises and suitable employees. Since founders only cook with water, it makes sense to professional help pick up.

Especially if is founded for the first time, founders often cannot overcome all the hurdles on their own. With start-up advice and professional start-up coaching, founders are on the right side, because a lot of learning money can be saved if founders make use of the experience of experts and learn from the mistakes of others. Extensive business start-up advice costs money in most cases, but the costs for this quickly pay for themselves.

Also, founders need consultations not entirely out of pocket finance, because these consulting services can be subsidized by the state depending on the federal state. Keeping an overview here is not that easy, so we have summarized the most important grants for founders.

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Baden-Württemberg: Counseling vouchers for those interested in founding a company

With this funding program, founders who want to become self-employed in Baden-Württemberg receive a Counseling Voucher for compact or intensive consultations. While the former are free of charge, the founders’ own contribution to the latter is between 70% and 80% below the usual daily rates for corresponding consulting services. The consulting vouchers can be purchased for founding a new company or taking over a company, starting freelance work, active participation and founding a franchise. Natural persons who plan to take up commercial or freelance self-employment in Baden-Württemberg are eligible to apply. With this funding, founders can enjoy up to ten days of consulting services.

Bavaria: Coaching before founding

With this funding program, founders from Bavaria can have 70% of the costs incurred for business start-up advice funded. In total, the consultation can take up to ten days work each comprising eight consulting hours.

Berlin: Coaching Bonus

In Berlin, founders who need help with business tasks need to apply for the Coaching Bonus program. The amount of funding is 80% of the eligible daily rate of 1,000 euros. The scope of the project is limited to a maximum of eight coaching days. In the case of several independent projects in a company, there is a maximum of 20 coaching days per start-up. The project duration is six months.

Brandenburg: Consulting and business coaching for innovative start-ups

The state of Brandenburg supports start-ups in implementing their business ideas with the new edition of the start-up guideline. With this, conveying elements such as that Regional pilotage servicesthe nationwide pilot service for migrants, start-up workshops, start-up services at state universities and the support program “Innovations need courage”.

Bremen: Business start-up advice

Founders who want to start a commercial or business-related freelance business in Bremen can receive a subsidy of up to 80% of the consulting costs. The Bremen start house is responsible for this.

Hesse: Funding advice Hesse

Funding for business start-up advice is provided in Hesse as part of the Start-up and medium-sized business promotion offered. The subsidy amount for coaching and check-ups is up to 60% of the eligible expenses, but a maximum of 600 euros per consulting day. Up to 75% of the eligible expenses (maximum EUR 650 per day of advice) are eligible for business start-up advice on an existing or planned business premises in an ERDF priority area (ERDF: European Regional Development Fund).

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Education checks for start-ups

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania education checks granted for business start-up advice. The amount of the grants is 80% of the eligible expenses.

North Rhine-Westphalia: Advisory Program Economy NRW (BPW)

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia supports start-ups with the help of the BPW advisory program. Up to 50% of the consulting costs are funded. The unemployed, university graduates and those returning to work even receive funding of up to 90% of the counseling costs.

Rhineland-Palatinate: Advice program for start-ups

Founders from Rhineland-Palatinate can have 50% of the consulting costs reimbursed. That maximum eligible The fee is up to three days’ work for advice on setting up a business (sideline) or for step-by-step entry into self-employment, up to six days’ work for business start-up advice and nine days’ work for a company takeover.

Saarland: Advisory program of the Saarland

Advisory services for start-up projects and business takeovers are funded. The subsidy is 70% of the eligible daily fee, and 75% for advice in the trades. In the case of start-up or takeover projects women and migrants the subsidy is even 80% of the eligible fee.

Saxony: Guideline for medium-sized companies – brief advice

Founders who want to become self-employed in Saxony can have 50% of the costs of business start-up advice reimbursed.

Saxony-Anhalt: ego start

With the Ego-Start funding program, founders receive a subsidy of 90% for the costs of coaching services (maximum 5,400 euros). areas of application are also feasibility studies and market launch studies, up to 90% of the eligible expenses are funded, but a maximum of 18,000 euros. The funding guidelines also include a start-up grant of 2,000 euros per month for a maximum of 18 months.

Thuringia: start-up guideline

With the Founders Policy 2.1 Business Advisor intensive advice for start-ups on topics such as strategies and business ideas, financing and company succession can be funded. The amount of funding is up to 70% of the total eligible expenses for the consulting and quality assurance fee.

With the Founders Policy 2.2. start-up pass advice and qualifications can be promoted by issuing business start-up passes. Funding is up to 90% of the total eligible expenses.

Start-up funding for ALG 1 and ALG 2 recipients

In addition to the state-dependent subsidies, there is also special support for founders that result from the unemployment want to become self-employed. In the area of ​​business start-up advice, the activation and placement voucher (AVGS) can be applied for here.

In addition: Business founders who receive ALG 1 and still have a remaining entitlement to this of 150 days can apply for the start-up subsidy. Funding for company founders who receive ALG 2 is also possible (entry allowance).

Find the right start-up consultant

But what use is a grant if the right consultant has not been found. For the success of the company, the choice is one competent consultant particularly important. A start-up consultant supports founders from the ground up in realizing the business idea and helps to stay on course if difficulties arise. With our free “Find a consultant” service, we help you to find a competent and BAFA-certified start-up consultant. We will also be happy to provide you with detailed information on all state subsidies.