These top 10 founder characteristics make you successful

With these skills, the dream of founding a company becomes a reality. After all, entrepreneurs face numerous challenges every day, especially at the beginning of their careers. In order to master them successfully, these skills bring a decisive advantage.

1. Spirit of innovation

If you want to start your own business, you need one thing above all: ideas! Regardless of whether the business idea is the invention of a new product, an unprecedented type of marketing or an unusual way of customer loyalty – a successful founder usually bubbles with creativity or at least starts his business with innovative forces. Because nothing is more boring for consumers than an old hat with an old look. (Reading tip: New business ideas )

2. Ability to motivate

When starting a business , things do n’t always run like clockwork. As in every area of ​​life, business usually has its ups and downs. A good founder must therefore stay on the ball even in the downward phases and motivate his employees until the bottom is broken. If things don’t go so well and the company finds it difficult to stick to its idea, this is clearly one of the top skills.

3. Organizational talent

The self-employed need a good overview of their business. Effective time management and the ability to multitask are particularly important. After all, a company that’s constantly going haywire is highly unlikely to take off. Aspiring entrepreneurs should think carefully about whether they can assess their own capacities before they become self-employed.

4. Perseverance

Endurance is undoubtedly one of the core competencies when starting a business. If you talk to successful founder personalities, they testify that they needed a lot of perseverance during their career path. No wonder, since obstacles such as financing problems , mistakes in the business plan and rejection of funding applications often stand in the way of an up-and-coming entrepreneur. No matter what they look like in concrete terms – the will to overcome them is essential on the path to the top.

5. Confidence

When starting a business, you are on your own. This is especially true for sole proprietors, but even as the head of a new company you have to trust one person first and foremost: yourself! This skill is especially in demand in the less rosy times. With self-confidence, it is easier for a founder to put up with defeats and stand up to the competition. But you shouldn’t be too self-confident: If you can’t find a solution to a problem, you should certainly get help from third parties – e.g. g . business start -up advice or start- up coaching .

6. Decision-making power

Who has heard of a harmony-seeking founder among the most successful businessmen and women in the world? Even! When you start a business, you have to make decisions every day. And sometimes they can be tough. In this case, aspiring entrepreneurs have to close their eyes and keep going. Because practice makes perfect! However, it is even easier if you already have this top skill when you are self-employed.

7. Flexibility

The numbers are no longer correct, an employee says goodbye to the competition or a business partner is terminating the contract? If you are thinking of starting a business, you have to reckon with everything. It’s good if you then have the property of flexibility. The chameleon among entrepreneurs has it easier in many situations. Assess the problem, find solutions and take a new route! If you have this ability, you are in good hands in the world of business people.

8. Criticism

This top skill is the greatest challenge for many. Which self-confident business woman and which self-confident founder would like to hear what he did wrong? It is important to distinguish exactly from whom the practiced criticism actually comes! Is the other person someone who understands something about this business model ? And does this knowledge not only come from theory, but also from practice? Then it can be worth listening carefully and accepting the concerns expressed. However, if the person is an envious person, you can safely forget the criticism and post it as a side effect of personal success.

9. Sense of Responsibility

As an entrepreneur , you are responsible for many processes in the company. Successful company founders rarely shy away from this responsibility and always see themselves as the final authority. Nothing is more embarrassing than when the smart entrepreneur with the up-and-coming company shifts the responsibility onto one of his employees. If something goes wrong in the company, you have to take responsibility for it and quickly put things in order. This is the only way for really good entrepreneurial personalities to make it to the top.

10. The right overall package helps when founding a company

Of course, it is clear that one of the properties listed here will not be enough to really take off into business heaven. Only the mix of the appropriate skills makes the successful founder. Luckily, humans are extremely trainable creatures. That’s why you don’t have to offer the entire bundle of top skills as a newcomer to the business world, but with a few of the qualities mentioned and a great willingness to learn, nothing stands in the way of a career as an entrepreneur.