New funding for SMEs: “Digitization Now”

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is providing new funding for the “Digitization Now” program with the Digitization of small and medium-sized companies to disposal. Craft businesses and freelancers are also taken into account here.

Digital technologies are increasingly gaining ground in modern society meaning. In addition to the optimization of established processes, digital technologies open up completely new possibilities for developing new business models or expanding the customer group.

With the new funding, the BMWi wants to support medium-sized companies with a need for digitization and thus help them to potential to exhaust. Medium-sized companies in any industry that employ 3 to 499 people can apply for funding.

This grant provides grants for two modules before:

  • Investments in digital technologies (module 1)
  • Investments in the qualification of employees on digital topics (module 2)

While Module 1 takes into account investments in software and hardware, Module 2 also subsidizes employee training, for example on the subject of IT security. The minimum grants are 17,000 euros for module 1 and 3,000 euros for module 2. Companies can apply for funding for both or just one of the modules.

Tip: An investment in a new website with online sales, such as an online shop, is eligible if the total investment is at least EUR 34,000.

Until June 30th, 2021 the funding quotas also raised to support companies during the corona pandemic. They amount to:

New funding for SMEs: digitization now

The maximal Funding amount is 50,000 euros per company or 100,000 euros per company for investments in value chains and/or value networks. The latter limit is intended to specifically encourage cooperation between companies and e.g. B. support their suppliers in order to optimize processes and free up resources. Anyone who is in such a relationship or network and would like to digitize joint processes with the cooperating company can benefit from twice as much funding.

Applications can be submitted online from September 7th via the application tool of the BMWi. This requires the submission of a comprehensive digitization plan

  • the plan,
  • the type and number of qualification measures,
  • the current status of digitization in the company and
  • depicts the goals aimed at with digitization.

The grants are awarded according to the time the applications are received and end when the approved grants have been used up. It is therefore advisable timely to prepare the documents for an application in order to be able to become active on September 7th.

A professional business consultant can help you with the development of a strategy accompany you in the digitization of your business model and explain to you how the first steps for implementation can be designed. He also supports you in the creation and optimization of the complex application documents for the funding application.

Companies can apply for cooperation with a professional management consultancy up to an amount of 3,000 euros (4,000 euros for young companies up to 2 years after the business registration) from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). 50% subsidy.

You would like to apply for funding from BAFA and BMWi seek advice? Do our funding check and we will discuss your options in a free initial consultation.