Money is not the driving force for the self-employed

A high salary is not the driving force for the self-employed to do their job. They are also generally happier than employees. This was the finding of a study (external link). In the following article you can read about the other points in which entrepreneurs and employees differ.

If you want to become self-employed, you may have a lot ahead of employees later on – at least what they do motivation for work regards. According to this, only around 17% of the self-employed in Germany go to work primarily because of the money. Among white-collar workers, on the other hand, this is more than twice as many at 37%. About six out of ten self-employed people also want to continue working when they are financially secure. For employees, only about one in three (36%) agrees. After all, the self-employed state almost three times more often than employees that they chose their profession in order to realize themselves.

It is also interesting that freelancers and entrepreneurs, in comparison to employees, make their career choices in particular Interests want to pursue and fulfill themselves (49% vs. 30%).

The self-employed are happier and more relaxed than employees

Self-employment can also affect happiness. Because according to the study, the self-employed are concerned with the choice of their profession very satisfied: 80% of them would choose their current job again. Among employees, only 69% confirm this. Furthermore, 79% of the entrepreneurs surveyed stated that they enjoy their job. In the case of white-collar workers, on the other hand, this was only 65%.

Also in the study, according to the assessment of health risks asked. At 30%, the self-employed estimate the probability of an occupational illness to be lower than employees (37%).

Entrepreneurs are also less worried about the topic digitalization: Only 16% share the fear that their own job could be lost due to new digital technologies, compared to 23% of employees.

The study shows: Self-employment makes you happier than working as an employee. However, starting a business is faced with many hurdles such as g. the creation of a business plan, the acquisition of capital or research into subsidies. These topics can be discussed in a start-up consultation and a successful start-up can be planned with the help of a start-up consultant.