money alone does not make you happy

The German Social Entrepreneurship Monitor (DSEM) was presented by the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany eV (SEND) for the second time. the most exciting facts of the study we have compiled for you.

The main results of the study

This is what we mean by social entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship economic activity with a social benefit. Part of the profit generated benefits society. As the study found out by questioning over 200 social entrepreneurs, this type of business start-up is a motivation for more and more people to help shape society in a sustainable way.

Here is the biggest motivator solving societal challenges, because around 83.5% of those surveyed state that the primary goal is to achieve a social impact with their work. For 96.7%, this intention is at least equal to financial goals. 35% of those surveyed believe that they want to implement a business idea. However, they do not fear the entrepreneurial risk: 75.5% have financial planning security of a maximum of six months.

Another important point is that the proportion of female entrepreneurswho are self-employed in the social entrepreneurship sector remains at a high level. Although this is slightly less than in the previous year (46.7% vs. 48.6%), their share in relation to the start-up scene as a whole is comparative high: According to the Female Founders Monitor, female business founders make up only 15.1% of the entire entrepreneurial landscape in Germany.

It is also interesting that last year there were many innovations gave. Around 87% of the start-ups surveyed stated that they had introduced at least one market innovation in Germany.

When it comes to the financial support of the business idea, 49.5% stated that they had already taken advantage of at least one of the funds mentioned in the study. The Social Impact Lab with 22.2% and the non-profit organization Ashoka with 12.3% top the list. Other popular promotions are e.g. B. taken up by the following organizations: High-Tech Gründerfonds, Startsocial and the EXIST start-up grant.

These subsidies can help to advance the project more quickly. However, the prerequisite for applying for funding programs is usually a professional business plan. This can be created together with a management consultant as part of a business start-up consultation.

The full DSEM study can be downloaded as a PDF document (external link) from the SEND website.