How innovative business ideas for starting a business can be found

Today there are many business ideas that have already been tested and work well. However, if you want to start a business, you should rely on innovative concepts. In this way, there has not yet been much competition in the chosen area. A business idea that solves a real problem in everyday life and represents a gap in the market is ideal. If the offer or the service meets a market that is big enough, the founder can definitely make a living from it.

Develop sustainable concepts for starting a business

Environmental protection and sustainability (external link) now play a very important role in the purchasing behavior of numerous consumers. The terms recycling and upcycling are on everyone’s lips to minimize the consumption of plastic and reduce the mountains of rubbish. Compostable packaging made from natural materials such as bamboo and cellulose is a good business idea. In addition, more and more shops are asserting themselves in which the products on offer can be obtained without any packaging. Well-stocked organic shops that specialize in certain areas such as cosmetics, super foods or dietary supplements also have a chance of success.

Finding new solutions for everyday transport

Almost every citizen has to drive to work from Monday to Friday. In addition, shopping is regularly due, as are various appointments with the doctor, the bank or the hairdresser. Most people either take their own car or use public transport to do this. However, cycling has become more and more popular in recent decades. If you use your own bike, you are more flexible and cheaper on the road. Furthermore, cycling is healthier and more environmentally friendly. In the meantime, there are e.g. B. the JobRad bike leasing (external link), where the employer leases the bike and the employee can use it as desired. In addition to the commute to work, weekend tours and leisure trips are also possible. In this regard, the tax advantages for company cars now also apply to normal bicycles and e-bikes (tip: find a tax advisor).

Creative business ideas for the digital sector

The internet, computers and smartphones dominate people’s communication and purchasing behavior today. But digital media and end devices are also used when searching for information. If you have the necessary knowledge in this area and want to start your own business, programming innovative apps is an option. This market is growing very fast at the moment, but there is still plenty of room for individual ideas that differ from the competition. A career as a computer scientist (external link) or web designer is also conceivable.

Establish a new existence in the health sector

More and more people suffer from health problems and are overweight. That’s why starting a business in the health sector is a good idea, for example as a fitness trainer who also gives personal lessons, both in person and online. In addition, there is a need for nutritionists who can present their customers with healthy options for dieting and actively support them in doing so.

Open a coworking space

In the meantime, many employees and self-employed people are working from home, and the number of digital nomads is constantly increasing. However, not everyone has the right ambience and equipment in their own home to be able to work efficiently and productively. Co-working facilities, in which people work together, offer a solution. This can be office buildings or private houses and apartments, which are equipped according to the requirements. A constantly strong internet connection and ergonomic office furniture serve as the basis.

Regardless of the area in which you become self-employed, good preparation is very important. This includes topics such as business plan, marketing strategy, financing and subsidies. The latter can be found out with our funding check.