Find an ingenious company name and become self-employed

Starting a company means a lot of work for founders. There are tasks such as: creating a business plan, reporting the start-up to the tax office, registering a business and searching for a suitable company name. The latter is often underestimated by many founders. But this task is of great importance, because after all, that’s what the company name is figurehead of the business idea and has a share in its success that should not be underestimated. Therefore, a lot of time should be invested in the search for the right name for the company foundation. In the following article, we will show you the tips with which the search for an ingenious company name can be successful.

What makes a good company name

If you want to start your own business and are looking for a suitable company name, you are probably wondering what makes a good name. Particular features should therefore own it. Founders recognize a good company name e.g. B. that it reflects the identity of the brand and at the same time stays in the memory. The name should also convey what a company deals with. A good company name also means that it not only explains how the company was founded, but is also filled with meaning in terms of content. A good name also evokes positive associations and emotions, creates trust in the values ​​of a product or service and guarantees quality.

Tips for finding the right company name

But how do you find such a company name? As is well known, those who have the choice are also spoiled for choice. You don’t always have the necessary creativity to find a suitable company name, as follows tips can help with the search.

Become aware of the company identity

In particular, founders who are planning to found a company for the first time should first be clear about what makes their business start-up and who the customers are. Then they should ask themselves whether the name fits the strategy, including the marketing strategy, and the characteristics of the foundation. Does the company name sound serious or unusual? And does this also fit into your own business idea? It is also important to check whether the name restricts the business area or whether it leaves room for future expansion. Because if the name doesn’t actually fit the corporate philosophy, you’ll probably have to change it later. This process is not only time consuming but also expensive.

Creativity in naming

Being self-employed also means being creative. Especially when it comes to finding a suitable name for the start-up. It is important here that founders collect as many ideas as possible for a suitable company name – they should also ask friends and family. There are different methods of creating a suitable name for the company foundation from the suggestions collected. For example, forming word combinations. The words are combined with each other in whole or in part. Founders should think of two or three words that are important to themselves and their company. Another possibility are examples from mythology and literature. Nike, for example, has developed into a cult brand. But the name is not unknown. In Greek mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory. Other companies that are listed here and have used terms from mythology are e.g. B. Hermès and Mars. It often makes sense to be inspired by natural wonders. Amazon is probably the best-known example here. The retail giant takes its name from the longest river in the world, the Amazon. It can also be helpful to abbreviate certain words or sentences, because an ingenious company name must not be too long and too complicated.

Put your favorites to the practical test

Once the favorites have been selected, it only remains to be seen whether they would also prove themselves in practice. After all, what good is a company name that sounds perfect to the founding team but is not successful in practice. Therefore, it makes sense to examine certain factors more closely in advance:

  • Get feedback: How does the name sound to friends and family?
  • Internet domains: are they still free?
  • Google Search: What Are the Chances of Landing Your Company Name on the First Page?
  • Social media accounts: Will our name be well received by our target group?

Protect company name as a trademark

If the winner was chosen from the favorites, it is important to act quickly and then quickly secure the name. Because imitators are widespread and, if the name has not been adequately protected, they can use it for their own purposes. It is also necessary to research whether the desired name has not already been taken or whether it is similar to an existing name. If these points are not considered, the challenge of “starting your own business” can become an expensive affair for entrepreneurs, who sometimes have to bear expensive legal costs.

Trademark and patent attorney helps protect company names

Particular attention should therefore be paid to the legal component. If the desired name is still available, there is two possibilities to secure this: On the one hand, the name can be protected for each legal form with the entry in the commercial register. For many companies, this is mandatory anyway (external link). However, this protection is regionally limited. Registration as a trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) offers even more efficient protection for the company name. In principle, business founders can register property rights themselves. However, it can make sense to consult a trademark and patent attorney before filing an application. He is always at the founder’s side and can help to safely tackle the issue of trademark and patent law.