Do start-ups and entrepreneurs need an SEO agency?

Anyone founding a company has to assert themselves against numerous competitors. But what are the chances of being ahead of the well-known companies in the SERPs on Google and being preferred by customers? Good search engine optimization (SEO) is the be-all and end-all for all start-ups and founders.

Why professional SEO makes sense

Do you need an SEO agency as a start-up ? The advertising budget is tight and you really want to invest every cent in founding a company . The question is perfectly valid, even if there is only one correct answer. Marketing and therefore also SEO is essential, because if you do not have your website professionally optimized, you cannot stand out from the competition and remain invisible. There are only a few start-ups that can do without the services of an agency and do the search engine optimization themselves. Because in order to be successful with it, you have to know which rules apply at Google and what the target group pays attention to. It is a balancing act that places high demands on entrepreneurs and which can only be mastered if you are either competent yourself or hire a competent partner or service provider to deal with your concerns. This is the only way to ensure that valuable keywords are positioned correctly and no potential is lost in the search engine.

See and be seen – the basis of every success

Local businesses face an additional challenge. This raises the question of whether SEO is absolutely necessary or whether it is sufficient to position yourself competitively at the local location. But one thing is certain – locally you should not underestimate the competition and know how the target group thinks and what criteria they use to decide for or against a company. Around 80 percent of all potential customers search online, even if they ultimately want to shop at a local store or go out in their hometown. Anyone who cannot be found on Google or other search engines is wasting valuable potential and only using the available resources to a small extent.

Search engine optimization can be complex because it is divided into two essential areas: on-page optimization and off-page optimization . It is important to always pay attention to both areas and to implement suitable measures from both areas, such as link building or keyword optimization. It is all the more important to take a professional approach to marketing and SEO in order to be able to use all potential to the full and not give away visibility as a start-up. Here one can consider bringing in experienced partners and consultants and working with them, for example through an SEO manager or agency.

Digital presence important for local businesses and online start-up

While well-known companies already have a certain level of awareness, start-ups and entrepreneurs first have to establish themselves. This can only be achieved by standing out from the competition, which in turn is based on tailor-made strategies and professionalism. Anyone who is found in search engines such as Google and Co. has a good chance of being chosen over a well-known and “established” provider. But if you don’t use the advantages of digitization, you will not be successful today, especially with the young target group. In addition to the SEO there is part of a marketing strategy a whole range of other measures to increase awareness. But without an optimized website (onpage and offpage), the keywords and the rankings, the best campaigns will not be successful, since the page itself remains invisible and/or does not appeal to the visitor. Digital presence plays an essential role in every business start-up, whether it is a start-up or a sole proprietorship.