Create a business plan and apply for an entry fee

Unemployment is a stressful situation for many people. Starting a business can be a way out of this. If you are an ALG-2 recipient and want to become self-employed out of unemployment, you may be wondering how the costs can be covered. Fortunately, the project does not have to be paid for entirely out of your own pocket, but can be funded with the entry fee from the job center. For this support, however, a detailed business plan must be drawn up. here are several points to consider.

Additional funding in addition to the entry fee through the investment grant

The entry fee is state support from the job center to promote business start-ups. In principle, 50% of the ALG 2 standard benefit is granted as a subsidy. The exact amount of funding depends on the duration of the previous unemployment and the size of the benefit community (external link). Since the entry fee as earmarked income is not part of the taxable income, this subsidy is not subject to the progression proviso and therefore does not have to be taxed.

In addition to the entry fee, ALG-2 recipients can receive another subsidy: the so-called investment subsidy. With this will 5,000 euros paid for the procurement of materials (e.g. operating and office equipment, vehicles, machines and materials for starting a business). The investment subsidy and the entry fee are not a loan, but a state subsidy that does not have to be repaid.

Business plan as an important document when applying for an entry fee

Founders do not “just get” the entry fee and the investment subsidy. Because like the start-up grant, the entry fee is a so-called “can-benefit”. This means that the entry allowance approval is at the discretion of the job center. So it exists no legal claim on the promotion. It is therefore all the more important that founders create a meaningful business plan. On the basis of this and the application documents (curriculum vitae, certificate of viability, proof of professional qualifications), a decision is then made as to whether the entry fee will be paid out.

A business plan is about explaining the start-up project and convincingly presenting the business idea. In addition, a business plan gives an outlook on future successes and possible risks. In summary, the business plan should be the following points includedwhen it comes to applying for an entry fee:

In order for founders to receive approval for their application, it is not only the business idea that has to go down well with the reader, but also the entrepreneur as a person. It is therefore important to ensure that the technical qualifications for the intended branch are also clearly presented. Only if the reader is convinced that starting a business can prevent unemployment in the long term will the entry fee application be approved.

Business start-up consultant supports founders in applying for an entry fee

Since the creation of a business plan in particular often causes difficulties for business founders without previous experience, a start-up consultant should be brought on board. He knows what content must be in a business plan and can help with the creation or further development of the business plan. The amount of support for advice before starting a business depends on the federal state and amounts to up to 80% of the costs (service tip: consultant search).

Tip: Founders who need a viability certificate can contact the “Deutschland starts” start-up center. This is recognized as an expert body and will also issue such a document at short notice: Contact us.