Convince investors as entrepreneurs – with the right body language

Business founders need the necessary help for a successful start. Not only banks, but also investors such as venture capitalists have to be convinced. This is not only possible with powerful arguments and verbal communication. the effect of non-verbal communication with facial expressions and body language is often underestimated. It can give emphasis to what has been said and reveals a lot about the character of the other person. In order to be convincing when starting a business, it is important not to make any mistakes and not to scare off a potential investor with the wrong body language. The good thing about it: You can learn body language.

The importance of body language

Body language can sometimes say more than words. If you want to convince banks and investors with a business plan, you can use your body language to emphasize your intentions. The guide “Successful body language” (external link) shows how to do this. That free e-book provides information on how body language can be correctly interpreted and understood. If you are a business founder and can correctly interpret the body language of your potential partner or investor, you will find out whether your project is successful with your counterpart or whether you cannot expect any help. Conversely, business founders receive tips on how to approach others with the right body language in order to appear not only likeable, but also authentic and convincing.

What your body language reveals

Wordless messages are exchanged when talking with hands and feet, facial expressions and eye contact. It is the same when a start-up needs financing and wants to attract potential investors. Before an important appointment with a bank or a possible partner is due, founders should take a moment and take care of your own body. The body is always sending out wordless messages. The gestures are often only subliminally perceived. However, it is important to use the right knowledge to positively influence self-portrayal and communication skills. For start-ups, it is important to convince them of the idea and its feasibility. This can be achieved with the right body language, which must be used in a targeted manner. Body language not only reveals something about the character of the other person, it also gives insight into the emotional state. Of course, founders who need funding or capital are excited. The free guide provides useful tips on how to use body language correctly even in difficult situations.

Practice body language correctly

If you are planning to start a business, you have to think about many things. The right concept and the financial plan are on the one hand. They cause a lot of work and headaches. All the effort would be in vain if the entrepreneur didn’t manage to emphasize his idea with the right body language when applying for funding. So that this project does not fail, business founders should also take enough time to learn body language. The e-book shows how to use body language correctly. It’s clear that founders are nervous when it comes to important conversations. The body language also undoubtedly indicates this. It all starts with the right handshake when greeting. The e-book describes what needs to be considered. It contains various Body language exercises. These exercises can be done alone in front of the mirror, but better still together with a friend or acquaintance.

Reach your goal with the right body language

Body language can be used in a targeted manner at work and also in the case of start-ups. In any case, it is empathetic to the other person to get in touch. This is especially important when help is needed because your company is in trouble. The right body language helps to convey self-confidence. The corresponding body language signals can be used more effectively if the entrepreneur asks himself what the status of his negotiating partner is and what body language status he has. This is especially true when it comes to a conversation partner from a foreign culture. It is also not unusual for business founders today to work with partners from abroad or to win partners from abroad in order to receive financial support. When communicating with foreign partners, four areas are important:

  • greeting ritual
  • distance and closeness
  • facial expressions

The guide provides information on how the other person’s body language signals can be interpreted and how facial expressions and gestures can be used effectively. Exercises are also available for this.

Differences in body language between men and women

Women can also start a business and have to fight for support. The e-book explains the differences in body language between men and women (external link). Men’s body language is harder to interpret than women’s. Men have more reserved facial expressions and use gestures more sparingly than women. With their body signals, women communicate roughly five times stronger as men. The guide provides information on how both men and women can use their body language sensibly to get help with financing their business idea.

Even more tips in the e-book

The free e-book uses pictures to show which ones body language signals can lead to success and which signals should be avoided. There are many exercises available to help you use body language correctly. It also provides information about the external impact of status. Business founders learn how they can use the right body language to convince potential partners of the idea of ​​starting a business and their business plan.