Business takeover planned? These business plan components should not be missing

A company takeover is equally attractive for start-ups and existing entrepreneurs. While a classic start-up is always associated with imponderables, taking over a company has the advantage of being able to already existing base to be able to set up. External capital is often required for the company takeover, for which professionally prepared documents must be submitted to possible financing partners.

When it comes to the topic of “creating a business plan” in the context of a company takeover, there is an essential one in contrast to a normal company start-up difference. In addition to the necessary future forecasts, an important part is the evaluation of business figures from the past. Sales, costs, profit, existing equity, current loans, etc. must be taken into account in the business plan. From a legal point of view, for example, it is also necessary to check whether customer or supplier contracts can or must be accepted in order to be able to create a realistic forecast with regard to sales and costs. Furthermore, the company valuation, which in most cases is closely related to the purchase price, must be listed and justified.

in the financial part or in the appendix of the business plan for the company takeover, the official and e.g. B. tax consultants or auditors signed documents such as the annual financial statements, the BWA (business evaluation) or the EÜR (income surplus calculations e.g. at a GbR) must be included.

However, it is not only important to list the numbers, but also to interpret them. This should be made clear here potential of the organizationwhich results from the company takeover.

Past and future of a company takeover

Ideally, you can build on an at least solid past in the business plan for a company takeover and justify why you will make the company even more successful yourself. If the company has a less successful past, it should alternatively be explained what market potential can result from the company takeover and an optimization or new orientation. Possible Approaches to presenting the potentials can be here for example:

  • A sensible streamlining or addition to the product portfolio
  • Digitization of the business model
  • Internationalization of activities
  • Optimization of internal processes
  • Improved purchasing conditions
  • A professional digital marketing strategy (SEO marketing etc.)

For potential investors such as banks or investors, it is very important when taking over a company to identify a positive future prognosis for the continuation of the company in the business plan. Last but not least, the industry experience of the new owners, the composition of a new management team or the general definition of what the future business model should look like are decisive. Furthermore, as with a business plan for an ordinary start-up, the market environment, the target groups, the unique selling point of your own product or service portfolio and the marketing strategy as well as the sales strategy should be described in detail.

Soft factors belong in the business plan when taking over a company

Soft topics also play a part in a company takeover major role and should be explained in the business plan. For example, the previous company culture was most likely intensively shaped by the previous owner or managing director. It is therefore important to have a timetable that shows how the company’s internal conditions will harmonize with the new owners, what potential for optimization there is, etc. Depending on the background, the current workforce of a company can initially take a critical attitude towards a new owner or shareholder, which must be transformed into a positive mood in the first few months after the company takeover. Many company takeovers have failed due to underestimating these important, softer topics. The strategy and the planned figures for the future of the company may have looked brilliant, but the operational implementation failed because the employees were not well prepared for the takeover or were not emotionally engaged in the initial phase.

The same applies to other important ones interest groups in a company environment. This raises questions such as: Did the previous customers only work with the company because of the good personal relationship with the owner? Can a cooperation be continued without any problems? Are the previous contractual partners willing to work digitally, for example, whereas in the past they were more likely to be looked after through personal customer appointments?

In the case of a company takeover, there are therefore many topics with a wide variety of orientations to be considered, which must be outlined in a corresponding business plan.

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