Business start-up in mind? Use funding for start-up advice beforehand!

Start-up advice is an advantage for every business start-up. Thanks to the individual funding of the countries, you benefit from comprehensive advice without having to invest a lot of money.

Why advice is important when starting a business

As good as many a new business model may be, most people without an appropriate background are quickly overwhelmed with the topic of self-employment. This starts with the subject of a business plan or financial plan and ends with subjects such as marketing, sales, taxes and legal form. Even if there is now a lot of information to be found on the Internet, it is often more complicated than it appears at first glance. In many cases, becoming self-employed in Germany has a number of pitfalls. Anyone who overlooks this can quickly ruin their own business and lose the good idea.

Business start-up advice is therefore particularly helpful in order to avoid the first serious mistakes and to receive comprehensive training and advice from an expert. However, such services cost money. And money is one of those things that founders don’t typically have in abundance. Because founding a company itself usually requires a lot of financial commitment. Therefore, many founders do without the important and necessary advice right from the start, as the money for this service is simply not enough at the moment.

A problem that the individual federal states have also recognized and which they are counteracting. However, so that founders do not have to do without the important advice that is essential in many industries, there is the possibility of receiving funding for such advice. This means that founders can get comprehensive advice on setting up their own business and do not have to take the plunge alone.

No nationwide solution for subsidies

Of course, it would be nice if you could simply get all the important information from a central location and be able to call up funding. In Germany, which is characterized by federalism, these subsidies are not managed centrally, but each federal state has its own different variants of support for start-ups. For entrepreneurs, however, this also means that there are many different contact persons who can be considered for such funding. In addition, only some federal states offer free advice, while others cover part of the costs. The extent to which various subsidies can be claimed depends heavily on where you live. In Baden-W├╝rttemberg, for example, advice vouchers are available for those interested in setting up a business, while in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania you receive education checks for business start-ups. Nationwide subsidies such as the start-up grant as ALG 1 and the entry fee from ALG 2 are also decided locally.

Important contacts before any consultation

Before you make an extensive effort to get paid advice, you should first take advantage of the free offers. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce offers, among other things, its own start-up and management consulting services. The chamber of crafts in your federal state can also offer first aid as a contact and provide you with the most important information. If you would like to practice self-employment in the field of liberal professions, you can contact the Institute for Liberal Professions. In this way you will receive the most important information for your industry and your field of work and can thus optimally prepare for a start-up consultation. Because the better prepared you are, the more information you can provide for the consultation and the better this information is prepared, the more help you can expect from such consultation.

who one Abbreviation in the confusion of funding can use our free funding check or search directly for funded advice. Incidentally, up to 90% of the costs can be funded, depending on the situation.