Become self-employed with an outpatient nursing service

The care industry lacks young talent. Qualified nursing staff is particularly important in the healthcare sector. Because our society is getting older and the need for care services is growing. In particular, the need for care at home is growing steadily. After all, around four out of five people in need of care in Germany are cared for at home (external link). Anyone who wants to become self-employed with an outpatient nursing service has excellent opportunities due to the constantly growing demand and can hope for great demand in the future.

Becoming self-employed with an outpatient nursing service – which requirements apply here

If you want to become self-employed with an outpatient nursing service, you take on a lot of responsibility. After all, the health and care of the patients are the top priority here. Therefore, the law also regulates which requirements must be met in order to be able to set up a company with a nursing service.

Become self-employed with an outpatient nursing service and acquire commercial knowledge in advance

Anyone who wants to become self-employed with an outpatient nursing service must not only have sufficient specialist knowledge, but also be familiar with commercial activities. Extensive know-how in the following areas is necessary for the management and organization of the nursing service :

  • invoicing
  • accounting
  • Dunning
  • leadership
  • contracting

However, business founders do not have to master all tasks perfectly, but can outsource them and, for example, commission a tax office to do the accounting ( service tip: find a tax consultant ). However, entrepreneurs should master the basic knowledge.

Obtain official approval for the outpatient nursing service

If you want to become self-employed with an outpatient nursing service, you must first submit an application for approval to the responsible health insurance company. This application is used so that the nursing service can bill its services to the respective nursing care insurance funds. In order to obtain such an approval, certain requirements must be met:

  • Employment of sufficient personnel with appropriate qualifications
  • Offer of further education and training opportunities
  • good availability of the nursing service (e.g. also on weekends and public holidays)
  • hygiene plan
  • Quality management and compliance with certain quality standards

Since the examination process for approval by the health insurance companies is very extensive, it is advisable to plan enough time for the preparation when starting a business .

If the nursing service has been successfully approved, business founders can conclude a so-called supply contract with the nursing care insurance funds. This defines which care services are provided to what extent for the patients and in which area one is active.

Obtaining an official license is particularly important for founders of an outpatient care service. After all, this depends on whether the costs for the respective care services provided by the care service are covered by the care insurance funds.

Make yourself self-employed with an outpatient nursing service and create a business plan beforehand

Thorough preparation and planning is essential, especially when setting up an outpatient care service. In addition to the legal requirements, various special features in the care sector must be taken into account. After all, a nursing service aims to ensure the care and support of people in need. A so-called business plan , also known as a business plan , is a useful tool for planning and structuring the start-up in detail in detail. This is also an important document when applying for a loan. The following points should be included in the business plan for setting up an outpatient nursing service :

  • staff/team
  • Location
  • Market and competition (competition analysis)
  • Billing structure and processing
  • Tour and fleet management
  • marketing and sales
  • legal form
  • expenses/costs
  • financing

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Become self-employed with an outpatient care service and be accompanied by business start-up advice

Becoming self-employed with an outpatient nursing service means first and foremost: taking on a lot of responsibility. However, with appropriate preparation and the necessary know-how, entry into a growing market can be a success. Because the current economic conditions offer very good chances of being successful with an outpatient nursing service in view of the demographic change.