AVGS for the unemployed – start-up advice & coaching for free

Are you planning to become self-employed and are you receiving unemployment benefit I/II or are you threatened with unemployment? You can then use an activation and placement voucher (AVGS) to enjoy free business start-up advice, which you can get from the Transition to self-employment helps. But be careful: The advisor must be certified by the employment agency or the job center so that you can take advantage of this start-up advice free of charge. We help you to find a suitable consultant in your region who can also help you with the AVGS application helps. Fill out our non-binding subsidy check and our subsidy consultants will be happy to call you back.

Who can use the activation and placement voucher (AVGS)?

recipient of unemployment benefit I can receive an activation and placement voucher (AVGS) from the first day of registering as unemployed, at the discretion of the Employment Agency. After six weeks of unemployment and benefit receipt (within the last 3 months), recipients of ALG I even have a legal right to an activation and placement voucher.

Recipients of Unemployment Benefit II (Hartz IV), as well as people who are increasing their earnings, returning to work, technical and university graduates, terminated employees, employees of a transfer company, etc. generally have no legal entitlement, but can also apply for the Discretion of the job center/employment office receive an activation and placement voucher.

Even non-benefit recipients – that is job seekers without ALG benefits – can apply for an AVGS (MAT). As for recipients of unemployment benefit II, this can be granted at individual discretion.

Important: It is not possible to take advantage of AVGS advice once you have set up a business (register a business, including ancillary business).

How can the AVGS be applied for?

You can apply for an activation and placement voucher informally: Contact your clerk at the employment agency or job center and express your interest in start-up coaching Introduction to self-employment.

To name you here

  • Your unemployment number and the date you registered as unemployed

and share yours intention with that you have one

  • AVGS according to § 45 paragraph 1 sentence 1 no. 4 SGB III – MAT
  • for later full-time self-employment (main trade)

apply for. We recommend applying by letter or email.

The naming of the specific AVGS designation is necessary because AVGS measures are based on three pillars:

  • 1) MPAV = Measures at a provider for success-related job placement
  • 2) MAG = measures taken by an employer for e.g. B. an internship
  • 3) MAT = measures at a carrier such. B. retraining/advanced training/founding

Only the third area, “AVGS MAT”, is interesting for you if you want to start your own business. Here you will be prepared for self-employment in an individual, multi-day start-up coaching – i.e. not a group seminar – by a consultant listed for this measure.

Apart from the exception for ALG 1 recipients, an activation and placement voucher will be granted after discretion the person responsible at the employment agency or job center. Within the AVGS, it is determined what the funded measure includes and what goal is being pursued with it.

What content does AVGS coaching include?

If one is approved AVGS MATyou will receive an individual, multi-day Individual coaching through a business start-up consultancy certified for activation and placement vouchers. The start-up coaching content is tailored to your individual needs. The aim of the AVGS consultation is to expand your knowledge about the planned business start-up. You can specifically build up missing knowledge or deepen your existing specialist knowledge. You determine the specific need for advice together with your advisor in an initial discussion.

An AVGS-MAT consultation covers a wide range of topics

  • formalities: First of all, general founding questions can be clarified as required. These include, for example, questions about the correct legal form and the necessary formation formalities.
  • business model: The development of a viable business model or the optimization of an existing concept is a regular part of an AVGS consultation. Together with your consultant, you will discuss your business idea and develop it into a viable business model. A business plan provides information about which components a viable model must include: product, price, sales and financing strategies are some of them.
  • Company organization: The consultant will also support you in planning your business organization. Accounting and controlling require organizational solutions, which your AVGS consultant can help you to develop.
  • financing: Once your final business model is in place, the coach will support you in identifying suitable financing options. In addition to classic bank loans, there may be subsidies or grants that make it easier for you to set up your company. To apply for this, you regularly need a meaningful business plan including a financial plan. You can work this out together with your consultant as part of the AVGS-MAT consultation.
  • In addition to the business issues, you can also use the AVGS consultation to Train soft skills: Time and stress management are important skills for a business founder.

Duration and costs of an AVG-MAT consultation

Founder coaching can last up to 60 hours. The employment agency or the job center bears the costs for the consultation. In addition to covering the counseling costs, travel or childcare costs can also be covered by the employment agency or the job center. The prerequisite for the assumption of costs is the redemption of the activation and placement voucher with a certified consultant.

How do I find an AVGS consultant?

So far there is no central listing of certified AVGS consultants. The certification has been mandatory since the beginning of 2013 and is intended to ensure the quality of the advice. suit you however three ways to select:

  1. Ask your case worker for regional and AVGS certified advisors
  2. Try common search portals for AVGS certified consultants
  3. Contact us by using our “Advisor Search” service

In any case, you should be carefulthat you and your consultant are on the same wavelength. It is important that you feel comfortable and able to speak openly with your advisor. Depending on the degree of specialization of your start-up project, it makes sense to look for a consultant with a suitable consulting profile. g. in gastronomy, consultants specializing in this branch can best help you.

To find out whether a consultant really suits you, use a free initial consultation. Do not respond to dubious requests for payment: AVGS advice is billed directly between the management consultancy and the employment agency or job center. You don’t have to pay in advance here.

Tip: You can choose an AVGS certified consultant before you apply and ask them for assistance in applying for an AVGS. In principle, multiple applications are also possible if the measure is unsuccessful. However, approval is at the discretion of your clerk.

Which subsidies are available in addition to the activation and placement voucher

Do you intend to out of unemployment You can also apply for the start-up subsidy if you are drawing ALG I or the entry fee if you are drawing ALG II. With the start-up subsidy, you will receive 300 euros per month for six months in addition to your ALG I amount. An extension of another nine months is possible. With the entry fee, business founders can initially receive up to 75% of the ALG II standard rate for six months. The funding can then be extended to up to 24 months. In addition, you can receive an investment subsidy of up to 5,000 euros.

This is also about discretionary benefits the employment agency or the job center. Talk to your responsible clerk about your prospects of receiving the start-up grant or the entry fee.

You can also receive these grants by receiving an AVGS voucher combine: When applying for the AVGS, also ask about the start-up subsidy or the entry fee and work out the business plan including the financial plan required for the application together with your advisor as part of the AVGS consultation.

It is important to know that you can apply for the start-up grant or entry fee even if you do not receive an AVGS. The grants are not linked together.

For further information and assistance For the options listed, please fill out our free funding check.