7 interesting business ideas briefly presented – October 2022

The high energy prices, the supply chain problems and the shortage of skilled workers are causing problems for many companies. Many start-ups are already groaning under the high energy costs in USA. And some have already ceased production. 

In order to support start- ups and entrepreneurs and to offer them a platform for presenting their business ideas , we have created the “7 interesting business ideas briefly presented” format.

1.Online academy for career changers in software sales

Specialists in the digital industry are rare. At the same time, there is hardly any suitable training to qualify for tech sales jobs in a short time. The solution to this problem came from three entrepreneurs from Berlin who set up a special education and job placement platform. With this, the founders want to enable job seekers to start a career in the tech industry by training both tech companies and private individuals online and then placing them with suitable employers.

What the process looks like: First of all, interested parties apply to participate in the program. A personal interview must then be completed. In the next step, the start-up offers a short crash course and coaching so that applicants can optimally prepare for the interviews. If the applicant’s profile is active, companies apply directly to the job seeker. If everything fits between the company and the applicant, the applicants then take part in the relevant online courses and coaching sessions and thus enter their new company.

2.Affordable household robots

The robots are connected to an AI hub developed by the start-up and the knowledge gained is distributed to everyone like a central brain. The start-up has set itself the goal of developing a particularly affordable household robot for everyone. For around 3,800 euros you should be able to buy the robot helper in the near future. A first prototype should appear soon.

3.Start-up wants to relieve nursing staff of bureaucracy

At least since the Corona pandemic, we have known how demanding the nursing profession is: stressful shifts, bad pay, a lot of bureaucracy. For many people, the nursing profession is no longer attractive. 

In order to make the nursing profession more attractive again, two Berlin founders founded an outpatient nursing service that works with small, independent teams and relies heavily on technology to organize care more efficiently and improve communication.

What is special about the business idea is the company’s own software, which the nursing teams can use to organize themselves, for example when it comes to duty scheduling or case documentation. With these possibilities, the start-up wants to relieve nursing staff of bureaucratic tasks so that they have more time for their patients again.

In addition to the nursing staff, the patients also get their money’s worth with the software, because with the help of its own modular apps, the start-up guarantees efficient access to health services and products for patients at home.

4.E-cargo bikes for hire

Whether e-scooters, bicycles or cars: there are now many means of transport as a sharing option. A Berlin start-up now also wants to lend e-cargo bikes to customers. For this purpose, the founders have developed an app that customers can use to rent electric cargo bikes . Customers pay 1.90 euros for a 20-minute rental period, and a starting fee of one euro is also charged for each rental process.

The delivery is location-independent and users can park the e-cargo bikes at a location of their choice. At the end of the rental, the bike must be locked to a fixed object (e.g. to a bicycle hanger). The location of the bike must then be photographed and the photo sent via the app. This is to ensure that the cargo bikes do not block or damage cycle paths or sidewalks.

5.Platform helps companies to master complex challenges

Today’s corporate reality is complex. State-of-the-art machine learning and data science approaches can make sense here in order to bring order to them and make important decisions, for example in terms of pricing or warehousing and supply chain optimization. However, companies often lack the internal know-how and resources to use these tools. Two business founders from Heidelberg have developed a solution for this. Because they have AI-based software for companies was launched that automatically reads, recognizes and analyzes data and at the end makes recommendations for decisions. The platform supports inexperienced users to independently solve complex challenges and to learn how to face future problems. In this way, companies have access to important data evaluations at any time and in all company departments.

6.Special software predicts the success of their product idea for start-ups

Company founders can save costs if they check in advance whether there is sufficient demand for their product. A start-up from Mainz has developed a solution for this: software that can be used to find out whether customers would really use or buy a certain product. In this way, entrepreneurs can use behavior -based consumer insights (external link) to determine how high the demand for a planned product is, thereby reducing costs.

7.Fight food waste with an app

According to the Federal Statistical Office, in June of this year around 11 million tons of food was wasted in 2020 (external link). In order to fight food waste, two founders have developed software that uses deep learning algorithms evaluates a large amount of data from the customer history as well as external factors such as public holidays and the weather every day and uses this to make decisions about the optimal order and production quantities. In the community catering market and in bakery branches, the software has already won over 1,000 locations and has reduced food waste there by around 30%. This is intended to reduce avoidable food losses for the company’s customers and increase operational efficiency.

There are many new business ideas from both private individuals and entrepreneurs, but these are rarely implemented.