7 interesting business ideas briefly presented – November 2022

Inflation, energy crisis and corona: companies are currently having to contend with several crises. As a result, more and more companies have to throw in the towel and file for bankruptcy. According to calculations by the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH), around a third more companies filed for bankruptcy in September than in the same month last year. The main reason for this is the high energy costs. At the same time, the institute warns of more and more bankruptcies in the coming months.

In order to support start- ups and entrepreneurs and to offer them a platform for presenting their business ideas , we have created the “7 interesting business ideas briefly presented” format.

Our business ideas from November 2022

This month there are:

  • Womatics: Cooling gel against breastfeeding problems
  • Enote: AI-based digital sheet music library
  • Chaineducation Labs: Start-up educates employees about crypto
  • Saint Sass: tights with a special message
  • Resourcecify: Platform helps companies overcome complex challenges
  • Ichó: Illuminated therapy ball for dementia patients
  • Memo picture: Talking pictures

Cooling gel against breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding mothers often experience severe breast pain. The reason: Breast milk builds up in the breast, which can lead to inflammation. In the worst case, the traffic jam can cause blood poisoning. A business founder from Hamburg has made it her mission to help women with this problem. Its cooling gel is intended to promote blood circulation and fight inflammation . The special thing about the gel is that it consists of natural ingredients such as arnica, thyme and rosemary.

AI-based digital sheet music library

Conductors or professional musicians often have to carry a lot of sheet music with them. Scores in particular have it all. These are complex pieces of music that in most cases contain multiple instruments. A start-up has developed a solution that makes it possible to access and work with a large digital library of pieces of music . For example, musicians can navigate directly to selected movements or bars, and pieces can also be quickly switched to a different key. Another interesting point is that users can quickly find pieces by different criteria in the sheet music library.

The start-up is also planning additional functions in the future. For example, with the help of artificial intelligence, automatic page turning and jumping back at the end of repetitions should be possible. In total, the digital sheet music library has more than 18,000 works, which are expanded weekly.

Start-up educates employees about crypto

Due to digitization, the topic of cryptocurrency is becoming more and more important. It is important for employees who work in crypto companies to acquire in-depth knowledge of the underlying core technology of blockchain, crypto and bitcoin. However, this knowledge in the areas is often insufficient. One reason for this is that companies often employ lateral entrants without in-depth training. Companies can lose a lot of money as a result. Therefore, the three founders have set themselves the task of providing all employees of crypto companies with a basic knowledge of crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

Tights with special messages

Tights are one of the basics in many women’s wardrobes. However, these often come across as boring and conservative. A business founder from Berlin wants to change this and revolutionize pantyhose fashion by integrating feminist messages into the garments . The most popular statements include: “God Is a Woman”, “Troublemaker” or “Not Your Babe”. The tights are available in different colors such as black, red and yellow.

Platform helps companies streamline waste management

Waste disposal is considered to be quite complex and expensive. On average, Some companies spend more than 500,000 US$ a year on waste disposal. In particular, the separation and recycling of waste during working hours often poses a problem for companies, since employees do not always carefully separate their waste.

A start-up from Hamburg has set itself the task of simplifying and digitizing waste management with the help of a special platform . The goal of the founders is to support companies in cost-effective waste management by identifying valuable recyclable waste. In addition, tedious processes and paperwork are automated. To do this, the start-up works with specialized local recyclers.

Illuminated therapy ball for dementia patients

Over a million people in Germany suffer from dementia. In the final stages, sufferers lose their ability to think, control of their bowels and bladder, and their ability to stand.

Although this disease cannot be cured, four founders from Duisburg want to slow down the progression of the disease with a special therapy ball . The therapy ball has a diameter of around 12 cm and is versatile. He can be turned, shaken, petted and thrown. Using built-in sensors, the ball will vibrate in response to movement, change colors and play songs. Patients should be able to train their cognitive and emotional performance as well as fine motor skills in a playful way. In addition to dementia patients, the ball can be used by all people with neurocognitive diseases such as autism sufferers and cerebral palsy patients of all ages. The ball is intended to help achieve therapy goals and relieve therapists and nursing staff.

Talking pictures

Posters and printed images are a beautiful reminder of a special event. In order to breathe life into pictures and make them something special, two founders from Hamburg have developed a sound picture that can play a personal message such as a birthday greeting, the baby’s heartbeat or saying yes in front of the altar. 20-second audio recordings can be uploaded or recorded via the start-up’s platform . The title, design requests, size and framing are then selected. You can listen to the integrated message via the QR code, which is scanned with the smartphone.