7 interesting business ideas briefly presented for you

The Corona crisis is still present. After a decline, the number of corona infections is increasing again. Another wave is expected in the fall. The future course in the pandemic is now to be marked out.

It is likely that start-ups and entrepreneurs will have to prepare again for closures and restrictions, but it cannot yet be said exactly.

Renewed restrictions and closures could mean the “death blow” for many ailing companies, after all, around 14,000 companies had to close their doors forever last year.

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Our business ideas

This month there are:

  • Mediaire: AI software should help radiologists with the evaluation
  • Blue Seafood: Fish products from cell cultures
  • Kuno: Sustainable detergent in strip form
  • Baking Heroes: Cake baking kits with weighed ingredients
  • Servail: Maintenance robot to reduce train delays
  • safe: Special quizzes prepare employees for cyber attacks
  • Munevo: Wheelchair control by head movement via smart glasses

AI software should help radiologists with the evaluation

Radiologists have to analyze ever larger amounts of images and data in ever shorter periods of time. Doctors often only have around three seconds on average to analyze MRI images. The result: loss of quality. However, a start-up has developed a solution to support radiologists in image analysis and evaluation. With their AI-based software for radiologists, MRI images are to be automatically analyzed and quantified. This increases the efficiency of the radiologist and at the same time the quality of the diagnosis, which benefits the patient.

Fish products from cell cultures

According to the WWF, over 90% of the world’s fish stocks have been overfished or fully exploited since 2020 (external link). Overfishing and the associated drastic decline in many fish stocks are having far-reaching consequences consequences with himself. For example, overfishing endangers biodiversity and the food security of the world population. After all, more than three trillion marine animals are killed every year – much of it as bycatch.

And for us humans, too, fish consumption is becoming increasingly important more harmful: The content of microplastics and other questionable substances such as heavy metals is constantly increasing. Nevertheless, fish remains popular: every German eats around 14 kg of fish and fishery products per capita per year – and the trend is rising.

A start-up  with its business idea solution found for the problem and developed a process for cell-based fish production. To do this, the scientists biopsy a small piece of tissue from a fish in order to obtain the required cells. These isolated cells are then converted into a kind of stem cell in the laboratory so that they can divide indefinitely. The cells are then introduced into a bioreactor with a nutrient solution.

Sustainable detergent in strips

Conventional detergents are not particularly sustainable because many of the ingredients they contain are not completely broken down in the sewage treatment plant. Many are poisonous for aquatic organisms and can get into rivers, lakes and the sea. In addition, there are critically harmful fragrances and bleaches that can be harmful to people.

Two entrepreneurs from Butzbach near Frankfurt are starting their business idea here and want to make washing processes more sustainable. For this purpose, the founders have developed a special detergent that, according to the founders, is free of disposable plastic, vegan and sustainable. That Special What is also special about this one is that it consists of small paper-like strips. For use, these strips are simply placed in the washing drum and dissolve during the wash cycle.

Cake baking kits with weighed ingredients

Baking cakes is a challenge even for many hobby bakers. In particular, cakes for special occasions such as birthdays or christenings can sometimes be real works of art that take several hours to produce. Cakes are often a Herculean task, especially for those who hate baking. But a business founder from Hesse starts her business idea here and has special baking kits developed with which everyone can bake appealing cakes. The boxes contain weighed ingredients, decoration and accessories adapted to the cake.

The business model is reminiscent of that of Hellofresh, which develops cooking recipes and puts together suitable foods in so-called cooking boxes so that customers can easily cook the recipes with them.

Maintenance robot to reduce train delays

Whether it’s delays, switch faults or overcrowding at peak times and at weekends: the railways have been struggling with problems for years. According to the Federal Audit Office, every fourth train was late last year in long-distance transport alone. And even in regional transport, travelers regularly have to deal with delays.

A common reason for delays in rail traffic is lengthy maintenance work on tracks or trains. The start-up Servail has developed a solution to this dilemma – namely a maintenance robot that works independently visual inspections can do. For example, this keeps an eye out for defects on railroad tracks and trains. In addition, it should be possible to use this to see objects lying around and trees that are in danger of falling over.

For this purpose, the founders installed a camera in the robot. The robot is also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). This is intended to prevent railway line closures and thus delays in rail traffic in the future.

Special quizzes prepare employees for cyber attacks

Cyber ​​attacks can be a big problem for companies. According to the “Allianz Risk Barometer” 2022, specialists and executives worldwide see cyber attacks as the greatest threat to their business start-ups (external link). No wonder, because even a simple e-mail from a supposed colleague can turn out to be a trap. A wrong click on a link or an attached file can give hackers access to the entire company network.

A study by the auditing and tax consulting firm RSM shows: Almost half (46%) of all cyber attacks are aimed at insufficiently trained employees away.

The founders of Sosafe have found a solution to this problem. Employees in companies are tested with simulated hacker attacks, phishing emails or requests to log in to certain websites. Anyone who falls into the trap will fall on the learning platform forwarded to the company. On this, users can take part in a kind of quiz, collect badges and always see their progress in a success overview. Videos and courses provide important information on the topic.

Wheelchair control by head movement via smart glasses

Diseases such as paraplegia or multiple sclerosis often force people to spend their lives in a wheelchair. But not everyone can control it with a hand joystick. Those affected then have to resort to other different control options. These include controlling with the following body parts:

  • chin
  • occiput
  • Tongue
  • Eyes

However, these special controls have hardly changed in the past 20 years.

This is where two start-ups from Munich come up with their business idea: a smart glass application that allows users to control the wheelchair by moving their heads. The application uses the sensors built into smart glasses (external link) to translate head movements into control signals. These signals are then transmitted to the wheelchair’s control unit using an adapter. This allows it to move in the desired direction.

In addition, the intelligent glasses can be used to send an emergency call signal or take and send a photo. The use of a Bluetooth interface also enables communication and interaction with other devices such as smartphones or robotic arms.

This development can help people with significant disabilities to become more independent and mobile.

There are many new business ideas from both private individuals and entrepreneurs, but these are rarely implemented.