7 interesting business ideas briefly presented

All the indicators for the corona situation in Germany have been falling for days and the corona situation is gradually easing. But the federal emergency brake decided in April still applies. While neighboring countries such as France, the Netherlands and Austria are ramping up public life again, Germany is making slow progress in lifting the corona restrictions. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular are suffering from a liquidity bottleneck, which was often caused by the hard, never-ending corona course. As a result, more and more companies are getting into trouble. According to estimates, around 35,500 companies across Germany could be affected by insolvency. With our format “7 interesting business ideas briefly presented”, we at “Deutschlandstart” would like to support start-ups and entrepreneurs during these uncertain times and offer them a platform here to draw attention to their business ideas.

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Our business ideas from June 2021

This month there are:

  • scoperty: This start-up publishes real estate prices online
  • Evertree: Compostable urns grow a tree from ashes
  • Bags & Pieces: Designer handbags to sew yourself
  • Vanderer: Start-up turns vans into campers
  • Mysleepmask: Special sleeping mask against headaches
  • lumoview: Innovative building measurement technology
  • Summer saver: Anti-chafing stick is designed to protect thighs

This start-up makes real estate prices visible to everyone

Who hasn’t asked themselves how expensive their neighbor’s or colleague’s house is? Thanks to the business idea of ​​a start-up from Munich, this can be found out very easily. With Scoperty, a preliminary market for residential real estate, the prices of around million real estate properties throughout Germany can be viewed online. With the help of big data and artificial intelligence, Scoperty marks properties on a virtual map price tagsthat are visible to everyone. This is intended to motivate potential buyers and sellers to approach each other. However, the prices are not set prices by the owners, instead these are estimates based on e.g. B. based on the location and size of the object.

Evertree: a tree grows from this compostable urn

After the death of their father, the siblings Andreas and Helena Hohnke looked for a way to come to terms with the loss and their grief. A walnut tree that they gave to their dad gave them comfort and strength during this difficult time. Together with its co-founder Christian Scherg, the idea of ​​growing a living tree from the ashes of a deceased person or animal was born. This was the birth of their business idea “Evertree”. The compostable urns made of bio-plastic granulate completely dissolve within six to twelve months and have a interesting structure: The lower receptacle of the urn is intended for the ashes. The ground is kept open so that the roots of the tree have space and can sprout, but is covered with a fleece to prevent the loss of the ashes. The middle container contains the already pre-fertilized soil, with an upper ring protecting the tree seeds. So far, customers can choose between five different tree species (wild apple, spruce, common beech, robinia, mountain ash) when ordering. The aim of the founders is to create parks and forests that, thanks to the regenerative properties of trees, should increase the well-being of visitors and at the same time make it possible to be close to the deceased.

Designer handbags to sew yourself

Designer handbags are expensive. These often cost up to several thousand euros. Not a bargain for many women. This is how the Bavarian business founder Vivian Edel saved for her own first luxury bag. Afterwards, she wondered if you couldn’t just make it yourself can. When the corona pandemic came and the event manager lost her orders, she decided to start her own business with her business idea. The founder then got started, acquired knowledge about leather craftsmanship, designed a bag on the computer, bought tools and lasered the prototype of her first bag in an open workshop. The DIY box with the materials you can sew yourself is available from 59 euros. You can choose from three different bag models. In addition, leather accessories can also be purchased to make your own. Including e.g. B. glasses cases and key or luggage tags.

Vanderer: This start-up turns vans into campers

Camping is more in demand than ever. In the past five years, the number of mobile homes in Germany has risen to around 590,000 (external link). Especially during the corona pandemic, many Germans are discovering camping holidays with a mobile home and are longing for outdoor holidays. Accordingly, new mobile home registrations in May last year rose by almost 30% compared to the same month last year to almost 10,500 units (external link). This increase is not surprising, after all, vacation in a camper offers significant advantages such. B. always having your own bed with you or being able to react spontaneously to unexpected changes in the rules. But not everyone can afford a fancy mobile home. An alternative are panel vanthat can be converted into a mobile home. The Vanderer company has made this its task and sells vehicles with a pop-up roof, camping equipment and other extras such as cupboards, auxiliary heating or water tanks. The advantage of a van is that you do not need a special camper place. Vanderer is a bootstrapping start-up and just launched earlier this year.

Special sleeping mask against headaches

Around 54 million people in Germany suffer at least temporarily from headaches. Of these, almost 18 million are affected by migraines. A founder from Frankfurt am Main would like to remedy the situation with a special sleep mask. The product is a combination sleeping mask, earplugs and gel pads. The mask is 100% opaque, is made of soft organic jersey and the integrated foam pads on the ears are designed to prevent the earplugs from falling out. The sleep mask should ensure that those affected come to rest and isolate themselves from external stimuli.

Lumoview: Innovative building measurement technology

The topic of energy efficiency in buildings is becoming increasingly important in times of high energy prices and the social desire for more sustainability. However, many property owners lack essential information about the energetic weaknesses of their buildings. The founders of Lumoview revolutionized the building measurement technology market with their business idea. with the help of one special camera every room can be analyzed within a few seconds. This creates 360-degree recordings and an infrared image, which together provide precise information about temperatures and humidity at every point in the room. In a very short time you can find out for several rooms where e.g. B. the room insulation is damaged, a pipe is not properly insulated or water is leaking from the pipe. When all rooms have been measured, the software then creates a digital 3D model of the building. In addition to the measurement information, the property is digitized and energetic deficiencies are made visible. The particular advantage of this technique is that no expensive technicians need to be called upon, since the device can be operated by oneself.

Anti-sore stick is designed to protect thighs

Summer is just around the corner, the first heat wave of this year is approaching. The right outfit should not be missing here. Shorts, dresses or skirts are a blessing on summer days. But for many women, these also have a disadvantage: the thighs rubbing against each other. These often cause severe pain and sores. The anti-soreness stick from the founder Denise Hahn is intended to prevent this by treating sore spots with a mixture made of allantoin, coconut and almond oil. Baby powder also contains allantoin, for example, which soothes the skin. Coconut and almond oil are intended to care in particular. The Summersaver stick comes in two versions, one for women and one for athletes of all genders, the latter has a slightly firmer texture. Another advantage of the sticks is that they can also be used to prevent blisters on your feet.

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