7 interesting business ideas briefly presented

The current partial lockdown in the corona pandemic will be continued with tightened measures until December 20th. This is the decision of the federal government on Wednesday, November 25th. The main victims are small and medium-sized companies, which have to reckon with a sharp drop in sales – especially now in the season with the highest sales. We at “Deutschlandstart” want to support start-ups by briefly presenting seven interesting business ideas every month in our new format.

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Our business ideas from December 2020

Glasses that prevent tiredness, an app that wants to connect girls in big cities and a tool that can be used to control the computer through eye movement. These are just three of our December business ideas. Here are all the ideas in overview:

  • repair fix: This tool detects car damage and finds the right workshop.
  • wingcopter: The fastest drone in the world supplies Africa with medicines.
  • Pocket Sky: These glasses can be used to increase work performance.
  • Presize: Tool measures customers and provides accurate clothing sizing information.
  • Coella: With this app women can find new girlfriends in big cities.
  • Mushlabs: This start-up turns fermented mushroom spores into a meat alternative.
  • 4tiitoo: This tool lets you control the computer with your eyes.

Tool uses AI to detect car damage and finds a suitable workshop

Identifying the damage to the vehicle, finding a suitable workshop and obtaining offers: this process after an accident is complex and takes a lot of time. Fleet operators and sharing providers in particular then have to reckon with financial losses and loss of sales. The founders of Repairfix have developed a solution for this problem. A digital platform that takes customers through all the steps from reporting the claim to scheduling should bring something new here. The company founders use a to determine the damage AI-based image recognition. Fleet managers can manage repair offers using administration software. So far, around 500 German workshop partners belong to the network. It is also interesting that the platform is used by some companies as a “white label solution”. This means that drivers who report damage and make appointments do not see that Repairfix is ​​behind it. The business idea of ​​the founders is built into the fleet operator’s existing administration tools via an interface.

World’s fastest drone saves lives by delivering medicines

On the African continent in particular, the demand for medicines exceeds the supply, so that the population there is dependent on international aid. The entrepreneurs at Wingcopter start with their business idea and want one better medical care granted in developing countries. This is to be done with the help of a drone, which at 240 km/h is considered the fastest drone in the world. With this, vaccine transports could already be carried out within a few minutes. The drone can also be loaded with blood samples and then fly to the laboratory. The founders received three million euros in funding for their business idea from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). With the money, the founders want to use ten of their drones in Malawi in south-east Africa for two years and train up to 170 local employees. In this way, the transport of urgently needed medicines to remote and difficult-to-reach settlements over long distances could be organized in the future.

Coffee substitute? These glasses are designed to improve performance and lift your spirits

Good news for all morning grouches and those affected by the annual winter blues. Two company founders from Austria have developed glasses that make you more alert and active and, if used regularly, should even have a positive influence on the mood of the wearer. Also, the glasses z. B. Helping shift workers to change their rhythm and alleviating jet lag for frequent flyers. This is done by the blue light that the glasses produce. The body reacts to this by stopping the production of the sleep hormone melatonin prevented. The glasses activate automatically and work without an app or Bluetooth. It can also be charged wirelessly in a special charging case. When it comes to effectiveness, the two founders refer to studies and a collaboration with the Vienna Institute for Sleep and Wake Research.

With artificial intelligence, this tool wants to avoid returns

Women in particular are familiar with this problem: the new items of clothing are ordered, but in the end they don’t fit and you have to send them back. Such returns are not only expensive, but also bad for the environment. The start-up Presize has set itself the goal of using a special system to reduce the large number of returns, one of the biggest problems with online shopping. With the help of a smartphone camera, the body is precisely measured in order to find the right size when buying clothes. Of the AI algorithm learns from every single return and gains 20% more accuracy each time.

Only for women: Find girlfriends via app

Get to know the love of your life through the internet? Not uncommon these days. After all, there is a large selection of platforms and apps to find the perfect partner. But what if you just want good friends? There are also special apps for this. But according to the founders of the girlfriend-finding app Coella, the dating character still resonates with them. This gave the two entrepreneurs the idea of ​​developing an app that women can use to find friends in their area. The special thing is that the app specifically for women was developed and men cannot register here. The goal of the founders is to bring as many girls together as possible, because finding girlfriends is z. For example, moving to a new city is no longer as easy as it was when we were at school.

Fermented mushroom spores as a vegan meat alternative

There are many meat substitutes. The palette ranges from lentil burgers to tofu sausage and vegan smoked ham. Popular basic ingredients are usually soy, seitan or tofu. A founder from Berlin has now developed another ingredient that could be used in the production of meat alternatives in the future: fungal spores. These are fed with waste from the food industry and agriculture (e.g. rice husks and coffee grounds). This mass then ferments in bioreactors and becomes a protein-rich and fiber-rich substrate from which the meat substitute is made. The fact that mushrooms can be a healthy alternative to meat is shown by the important components they contain, because like animal products, mushrooms naturally contain a lot of protein, as well as carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. For the further development of its business idea, the start-up received around 8.7 million euros in venture capital as part of a Series A financing round. The start-up wants to use this to expand its production for large quantities.

Computer reads desires from our eyes

An office worker spends around 25% of their working time moving their mouse. A possible consequence: the Repetitive Strain Injury Syndrome (RSI) – also known as “mouse arm”. To avoid this, two founders from Munich have developed a tool with which the mouse can navigate through the eye movement can control. Users can e.g. B. Control links, elements and input fields directly by looking and scroll content automatically at your reading speed. The self-learning software should also recognize the individual user behavior after a short period of use and, based on the eye movements, recognize in advance what the user wants to do next. The Munich-based company’s customers include companies from areas such as B. mechanical engineering, insurance, financial services and automotive.

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